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Judith Berthe BOLANZI
Director In Charge of Industrial Development

Judith BOLANZI studied Humanistic Psychology. She brought on board 20years working experience in emergency and developmental programs having worked consistently with USAID, United Nations, Red Cross and Save the Children, UK. She is a consultant and Linguist who is very fluent in French, Spanish, English, Portuguese and several South African Dialect.
A self motivated team leader who has always stressed that great development thrives on change and the signal in actualizing that innovative change for the African continent can only be by one affirmative model and tool - the R.K. OT PROGRAM and JEWEL OF AFRICA.

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Guiscard Pina BIENDONNE
Director In Charge of Trade and Investment Promotion

A Business development analyst and consultant joined the CRCI Team bringing on board his wealth of experience in business management and micro finance to small and medium scale entrepreneur in the rural communities of Congo.
An associate degree holder in Sales and Marketing from the African Development Private University, Congo Brazzaville. He has an extensive global experience in the business world to support the realization of the CRCI Africa vision. GUISCARD is encouraged by the high ethical standard he acquired as a team member of the Ramline KAMGA school of wisdom. This has hep him in advancing the interest of the less served and the neglected in the society. With a real dedication, he believes the best is yet to come out of Africa and that best is achievable through our collective action as Africans.


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Chantal NTAMAG
Director of Entrepreneurship Institute

Chantal is a native of Cameroon and she earned a Bachelor of Philosophy and BA in Spanish Language respectively from the University of Doula.
With a special passion for computer graphics, she has been oppourtuned to work in advertising and graphic design firms across board.
Chantal's career is a fascinating story of how someone leveraged a career in the corporate world into a successfully rewarding advocacy consultant.
She has been able to take women behind the relief rope and reveal the truth about being a woman and a successful entrepreneur. This vision and effort earned her the position of the Secretary General of the Cameroon Association of Women Entrepreneurs (CAWE).
Chantal is a woman who understands what it means to face adversity and this has been one of the strengths that has helped her become the President of the Conference on Development of Rural and Urban Businesses in Cameroon.
She has a progressively responsible experience in development of women and community issues, which are the central focus of the JEWEL OF AFRICA. This has made Chantal a welcome addition to the CRCI Team.

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