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Bio - Partners

Chief Operations Officer of CRCI INTERNATIONAL

Born in Guyana, South America and migrated to the United States of America in 1969. He is a self starter and a strong independent worker, also a very energetic and motivating leader, with proven ability to effectively manage both personnel and projects. He also belongs to [and as well a key member] of several teams developing and executing strategic business plans. He excels at analyzing products and procedures to generate new ideas to improve efficiency and production quality. He is also a skilled negotiator..

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Dr. Allen F. ROSS
Finance Director
In charge of Managing CRCI Funds and the Jewel of Africa

Dr. Allen F. Ross was born in New York City on September 7, 1951. He holds four advanced degrees, including a Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University. He has more than 25 years of highly diverse, domestic and international experience in investments, finance, management and consulting for government and academia. A proven expertise in business development, financial management, international economics and university teaching. His academic accomplishments include positions teaching economics, international studies, the Contemporary Civilization (Great Books) Seminar and, particularly, lecturing as a professor of international business and finance, both for the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and other academic institutions.

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Alan Stephane TANDJO
Director of Housing Modernization and Partner
Jewel Of Africa

Alan holds a degree from the University Institute of Technology, Cameroon specializing in Industrial Management. A foundation member in the development of the laudable project "JEWEL of AFRICA". With his vast knowledge in housing and construction management, he has brought his wealth of experience to CRCI Africa.
Alan has a special passion for developmental project that will enhance the realization of dreams. The best gift for Africans by a team of Africans for the furure of Africans is the JEWEL of AFRICA and the R.K. BOT PROGRAM ...Lets Move Africa!!!

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Therese TEME
Vice Chaiman In Charge of African Government

Therese is an extroverted rabble-rouser known for her political activism and wonderful projects to bring to the forefront the suffering of the masses and the less-privileged.
She has over 25years experience working in public and private sectors. She served as special secretary to the Prime Minister of Congo which gave her the oppourtunity to travel wide across continents.
She has devoted her life to advocacy working tirelessly for social causes and gained recognition as a woman of the people who is well entrenched in the politics of her community.
In her role as Human Resource manager with the government of Congo, she was able to galvanize support for the direction and management of government policies. She is well known for her operational excellence, workforce development and organizational effectiveness.
Therese as a Partner of CRCI has brought on board a principle of global inclusion and leadership experience that are key to the workability of the RK B.O.T PROGRAM and the JEWEL OF AFRICA.

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Mr. Bernard Francois Marie Andral
Arc. Technical Director CRCI Cameroun

Bernard Andral is a well versed and highly experienced professional in the field of architecture and engineering having had decades of extensive experience including Architect, Financial Consultancy.
ANDRAL's strong technical skills consistently produce thorough and well-coordinated documents as he very much enjoys a team approach to all projects and works very hard to create good relationships with client and contractors to minimize conflicts.
During the Construction Administration phase, he responds quickly to issues that can arise in order to keep the project running smoothly.
ANDRAL is enthusiastic about all sports but tries to play golf and cycle as often as possible. He lives in Yaoundé, Republic of Cameroon with his wife, also an architect, and two children.

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Sir Remy Zaphyrin MBOU
In Charge of Incubator & Engineering

Sir MBOU is a seasoned engineer specializing in automotive technology. Having served as representative and consultant to big corporations such as Renault, Peugout and Mercedes Benz. Today, he sits on the board of MISTRAL AVIATION as the chairman. A company he single handedly established to create jobs and support the government of Congo in its development efforts.
A humanitarian of good note who has sacrificed his life for the upliftment of the lives of women and youth. This gave him a recognition and was awarded the title of a "Great Performer" at the annual gala of Cameroon Association of Women Entrepreneurs (CAWE).
His fight for a better life for Africans is not limited to his home country of Congo. This is the vision he brougth on board as a partner of CRCI Africa. He is unrelentless and unapologetic in his stance that the best of Africa is yet to come. Our future as Africans is understanding our roots and the reason for our existence and help establish an economic security so as to minimize poverty.
Africa must run faster than the fastest lion.

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Partner and Regional President Representative of CRCI Africa

A retired Air force personnel, trained as an Aircraft Engineer, formerly attached to the Nigerian Air force wing of the Presidential Air fleet Abuja , the presidency.
Representative of GAM AIR UK and Steed Recovery Services in Nigeria 2004-2009.
Nigeria Country Representative of Project Development International Inc USA, Florida Dunedin.
CRCI Partner and Nigeria Country representative from 2015-date.
A product of Nigerian Air force Institute of Technology formerly Nigeria Air force Training Group (TTG) Kaduna, graduated as an Aircraft technician rated on Power (engine).
Centre de instruction Falcon France, Paris, Dassault Aviation, Garret Allied Signal Arizona, USA and Garret General Aviation Germany.
Air product UK, Liquid Oxygen and Nitrogen production. College of Aviation, Zaria, Nigeria, as a licensed Aircraft Engineer. Education for Better Work (Self Reliance) BYU Business School.

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Mrs. Selcit Margaret S. ALEXANDER
Partner in Charge of National, International Projects and Finance

a graduate of Law from University of Jos, LLB.
A certificate holder as Specialist in Dispute resolution (ADR).
Partner and permanent consultant to CRCI Africa in Nigeria, she was formerly a Special Senior Assistance (SSA) to the Governor of Plateau State on Privatization and commercialization.
A certificate in Education for Better Work (Self Reliance) BYU Business School1.
1st Counselor of Young Women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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