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  1. Regional President Representative Central Africa
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  3. Regional President Representative East Africa
  4. Regional President Representative South Africa
  5. Regional President Representative North Africa

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  1. President of CRCI Business Club for Central Africa
  2. President of Business Club Leaders, United States of America
  3. President of Business Club Leaders, South Africa
  4. President of Business Women Leaders Executive Club
  5. President of Business Club Leaders, Ogun State
A Special Message from the Chairman, CRCI Africa
to the Youth, Private Sector and the Africans in Diaspora

This message is for the world's young people– especially those in politics, education/academia and business.

Many of our young people are without hope. There is unrest and war throughout the world. Unemployment is a real problem. Even after having obtained quality education, there is no guarantee for a job or career. They look around them, and see no hope for the future. On the outside, they seem to have no goal to work, as many turn to alcohol, drugs and partying. Discouraged and depressed, they feel the only option is to leave Africa. Suicidal, they die at sea in search of a better life.

My dearest young people, private sector and the African Diaspora. It has been a 32 year battle, full of sacrifice, debt to family, friends and associations, and a life of humiliation, to secure the best solution for human and sustainable development for our continent Africa. Through my struggle, I have been lucky to have met with a platform of investors who believe in my vision. They have given me opportunity and encouragement, with the support of the CRCI team, by providing funds. These have been the motivation that, in my struggle, enabled me to create two programs - the Jewel of Africa and the RK B.O.T PROGRAM. These programs may not appear to be miracle solutions. However, I am convinced that these two programs will help thousands of Africans to become entrepreneurs.

Yes - the world has lost its middle class; we only have the poor and the rich. The youth are engaging themselves with any available opportunity to survive. However, we can all, in one voice and one accord, build our continent by creating jobs for the younger generation of Africa. Africa needs Africans. We are now a major player in the global economy. Our African sisters and brothers in the Diaspora who have been endowed with talent and exceptional intelligence are encouraged to return to Africa, and to be entrepreneurs.

When times change, we also need to change. This principle helps us to see challenges with new solutions and innovative projects. The preservation of our liberties requires ultimate collective action, one of which is through the RK B.O.T PROGRAM. The governments of our continent can no longer meet the demands of today's world by acting alone. Now, more than ever, we must work together - as people, as one nation, as one continent - to build a better future for young Africans. We must all join hands to give our young people and private sector a future. There is need to lead the way in search of innovative projects that will bring new jobs and investment to Africa, so that hope can be given to young and the private sector of Africans.

The African private sector and this generation of young people have been tested with economic crises. An economic recovery will start with the RK B.O.T PROGRAM to build the Renaissance of Africa. The possibilities are endless in Africa, and the RK B.O.T PROGRAM has an infinite capacity to minimize risk, and a gift of innovation for the African continent.

Yes we can do it.

The RK B.O.T PROGRAM is designed to help you return to Africa. We ask that you please join the CRCI Executive Business Leaders Club, through the Regional President Representative, in the region in where you live.

The Regional President Representative's mandate is to provide leadership and management of the organization in light of the strategic directions set by the Board of Directors (BOD) or the general direction of CRCI. With identified projects, the RK B.O.T PROGRAM will support you to build a future for yourself in Africa. CRCI is ready to support you, as an entrepreneur, as we walk the path to success with you through a credible partner.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

The Regional President Representative carries out some or all of the following functions:

  • Participates, with the Board, in the development of the vision and a strategic plan guiding and promoting CRCI action in the region;

  • Develops strategies to ensure the lobby project, Jewel of Africa, will contribute to the efforts of African governments and will ensure housing and employment for our youth and for our sisters and brother in the Diaspora;

  • Identifies and assesses internal and external issues that affect CRCI, and informs the Board;

  • Acts as a professional advisor to the Board with respect to all aspects of CRCI;

  • Promotes effective teamwork within CRCI;

  • Acts as a CRCI spokesperson to embassies, institutions, employers' associations, chambers of commerce and the business community in matters relating to the promotion and development of the private sector;

  • Organizes, in cooperation with chambers of commerce and embassies, biannual sessions encouraging partnership opportunities through the RK B.O.T PROGRAM so as to boost the private sector in the region and to bring African intelligence back to support economic development;

  • Responsible for official correspondence, as required, on behalf of the Board when the circumstances warrant it;

  • Represents CRCI at events/seminars on economic and financial topics to enhance the viability of CRCI in the region;

  • Organizes biannual Trade & Investment Missions to the United States with the President/Head of State of the countries of the region, accompanied by at least 200-300 entrepreneurs/top company executives, as part of the implementation of common development projects to build a strong partnership through the RK B.O.T PROGRAM;

  • Develops an operational plan to allow CRCI to provide a minimum of 20 funds per quarter by a solvent private sector partnership; and

  • Takes steps to identify and recruit a local representative for each country of the covered region.

Planning and Operations Management
  • Develops an operational plan, including goals and objectives, that supports the achievement of CRCI strategic orientations ;

  • Ensures that CRCI operations meet the expectations of its customers, the private sector, the Board and the platform for Investors;