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We are international, flexible and stand for a new African and global mobility. CRCI is not a banking entity or broker. CRCI is a facilitator combining international experience and contacts with its own creativity to structure high-return deals and to organize strong economy lobby groups in line with our clients' business culture and goals. We serve our diverse client and customer base with mutual respect and discretion.

We offer a quality business environment of professionalism, trust, quick and uncomplicated service, and responsibility. We match these with critical analysis, well-founded conception and ceaseless drive when it comes to enabling our clients and their business needs.

  1. As facilitators with a strong database of contacts, our focus is to secure funds for development projects, according to the needs of our clients.

  2. Through our pool of available and driven professionals, we assure economic growth to our clients through our high yield investment program.

  3. We organize Trade and Investment Missions for Governments, Private Sector and Organizations.

  4. We foster teamwork, innovation and accountability amongst our clients by demanding the highest ethical standards from our Directors, Partners, Permanent Consultants, Freelance Consultants and Brokers.

  5. As a formidable force in the market, we improve the capacity and build the credibility of our clients to enable them to engage with our database of satisfactory buyers of oil and non-oil commodities.

We affiliate ourselves with professionals who are deeply committed to delivering superior service and achieving outstandingly high productivity. Our clients' success is of the utmost importance to us.