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Innovative Investment

Counseling Research Consulting & Investment has develops innovative solutions for financing infrastructure and businesses. These solutions are organized around four (04) Financial Products and Funds for aid available:

  1. CRCI BOND (On-going Project)
  3. Financial Instrument BG SWIFT MT760,
  4. Humanitarian Funds/Donation

Offer 1: CRCI BOND Project:

CRCI BOND instrument is a cash process to invest in CRCI in the form of a life insurance policy that will, over a period of 4 years, generate dividends for the benefit of the holder of the BOND.

The CRCI BOND is a service provided to the buyers of the BOND. These BOND are offered at the following values:

$ 10,000 USD
$ 25,000 USD
$ 50,000 USD
$ 100,000 USD
$ 500,000 USD
$ 1,000,000 USD

After four (4) years, at BOND maturity, the client will have an opportunity to obtain investment without any Financial Guarantee or Deposit to be provided as requested by Financial Institutions or bankers.

How does one establish the contract?

The client must seek legal advice during the purchase of the CRCI BOND.

What is the advantage of a CRCI BOND?

The CRCI BOND will ensure best human socio-economic development for the Government without any sovereign guarantee and will help to create large project that will enhance youth employment

The Private Sector will have no problem in receiving funds without providing a financial guarantee.

African Government and Private Sector will save on travel expenses in searching for and obtaining funds around the world without any guarantee.

How do you use the CRCI BOND?

At BOND maturity the clients will apply for project funds by sending a letter of Manifestation of Interest without any financial statement or feasibility study. CRCI will provide full package according to the need and request of the clients.

Documents to be provided by the client include:

  • Passport copy
  • Biography
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Client company Bank Detail information

Other documents may be requested by our financial partners. Again, feel confident that CRCI is there to assist you.


Minimize Investment Capital Risk

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