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Bio - Executive Officers

Mr. Edward Karlsson NATHANIEL
Chief Operator Officer, CRCI GROUP, In Charge of EPC

Since his childhood he was desirous to help poor and needy.
On one fine Sunday when he was travelling with his family to the church, on the way he saw poor young children sleeping on the way playing and some were begging. Looking at the humble condition of those kids suffering for basic needs like food, clothing and shelter his heart melted. He felt very bad on helplessness.
He questioned his mother that why would these children suffer so much for living. She replied him saying, “You have your parents and other family members to provide and care for you. But these children don’t have anyone to provide and care for them.” Listening to his mothers reply his eyes filled. Tears rushed out.
He started thinking how can he help such down trodden children. He sought counsel from his mother in this regard.
She replied, “Some of such children are sheltered in Government orphanages or private NGO’s (Non-Government Organization) extend their help. There are many children in the world, who are parentless, struggling for minimum needs.” His heart sunk in deep sadness and pain for them.
He started making strategy to help such poor children.
One day his mother took him to an orphanage, where 200 kids of different ages who lost their parents and living away from family. These children always long for love, affection and little needs. It was very difficult to see such pathetic condition of children. He could not stop his tears for them.
Since then he decided to visit such children in different organizations every year on his birthday, or anybody’s birthday in his family, on Christmas day or any special occasion.
Whenever he visits such organizations and provides some food and other needful things and spends some time with them, he sees a great joy in the eyes of children with blushing face. This brings immense satisfaction and peace to his heart.
A smart young man who used his valuable insights, which he gained while pursuing his hobby to search for best organization that focuses to help the underprivileged. His functional attribute to search EPC is to build in priority houses for the poor has given him a determination to be a part of CRCI INC GROUP. The company operates in five countries. It is headquartered in the United States of America. It has investments from big investors and Platform among the first 20 banks in the world.
He served as a missionary in Manila, Philippines, India New Delhi Mission and India Bengaluru Mission.
He is aspired and determined to help the indigenous youth, all over the world, wherever the organization of Humanitarian Project RK PLAN "JEWEL OF AFRICA" “TO BUILD A BETTER WORLD” will be established.

  • Microsoft Office
  • Active Listening
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Digital Marketing
Work experience:
Worked as Data Analyst for 6 months in Tech Mahindra Ltd, Mumbai, India.
My well-founded objective is to associate with a professional organization through the work, discipline, genuineness and patience, which offers me challenging opportunities and gives a way to execute my coherent and investigating abilities.

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Desk Officer

A graduate of Plant Physiology and Crop Production with special passion for computer technology. He has a zeal for success and he is willing to learn from the best around him, wanting to hear their stories and how he can learn from them.
An enthusiastic young man who believes that success comes down to hardwork plus passion overtime. You could have a million ideas, but they are worthless if you don't get them done.
As Desk Officer, he gives the first impression about CRCI, managing information and issues of service and general company questions. He is fondly admired for his friendliness and professionalism.
As an agriculturist, he is very much motivated and focused on enterpreneural and youth development in the JEWEL OF AFRICA and also how the RK B.O.T PROGRAM can help enhance the entrepreneural skills of the African youth.

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Head, IT

Olamide O. IJADUOLA holds a First Class (Hons) in Information Technology from the University of Education, Winneba Ghana [BlueCrest College, Accra] and DNIIT (Hons.) Software Engineering [Java Technologies] from NIIT.
He perfectly combines his astute expertise in Database administration [Microsoft SQL, Oracle and MySQL], Software development [Java and .Net Technologies (VB.Net and C#.Net)], Full-Stack web development [HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and ASP.Net technologies] with a team-working spirit, professionalism, seamlessly purpose driven adaptability and self-motivation, loyalty, honesty and fear of God as well as the ability to lead, teach and convince people effortlessly.
He believes so much and is very much into everything that will make the RK BOT PROGRAM a success that will survive even generations unborn.

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Adesunkanmi OKUPE

Business Development Executive

Suki as he is often called by the CRCI team joined the team as a youth corper member in 2014. He studied Business Management at the prestigious Queen Mary University of London. He later attended the Grenoble Graduate School of Business where he obtained a Master in International Business.
A bilingual young and vibrant guy who is motivated to succeed. He has a good mastery of English and speaks little French. He is extroverted with a natural affinity for organizing, coordinating and energizing the team.
Suki is admired in the team for his resilience, confidence and willingness to learn. A very intuitive, observant young man who brought a lot of focus and commitment to delegated responsibility.
Suki may appear as one of today's upstarts, but no doubt one of tomorrow's legends that will be calling the shots in the world stage with his vision and commitment to the emergence of youth entrepreneurs and alleviation of poverty through the JEWEL OF AFRICA.
Suki believes and he is committed to the significant and undisputable role of start-up incubation for the African youths.

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Mr. Jonah S. Adjisan
Personal Assistant to Mrs. Rameline KAMGA, Chairman CRCI Group

Nigerian Air force primary school, Lagos, Nigeria.
Graduated from Science tutorial college (STC), jos, plateau state.
Enrolled into the remedial sciences course for a year, university of Jos.
Advanced to study Physics Education, university of jos, for almost 4 years.
Former Manager of MASA and MORE, start up eatery business, Kaduna state.
Former Manager of Karissa Ristorante, start up eatery business, plateau state.
Loves people, loves writing, loves new cultures, an avid Art and music lover. Also loves to travel, have so far travelled to Rwanda, Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Malawi,in Africa, and 28 states in Nigeria.
Personal philosophy; “Life is the beauty of possibilities”.

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