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About us

CRCI is an international consultancy firm specializing in how to invest and do successful business in Africa while minimizing risk.  CRCI houses technical experts and practitioners with extensive knowledge and experience in international trade and investment business consulting, with particular emphasis on Africa. CRCI professionals are able to navigate through the rules and regulations of African countries to uncover hidden investment opportunities. We facilitate trade and investment missions, roundtable meetings, forums, and partnership building with high level country officials to benefit the private sector.

CRCI has developed two historic and significant projects named "The Jewel of Africa" and the “RK B.O.T. PROGRAM.” These programs focus on infrastructure and agriculture-led activities to generate economic growth in Africa. “The Jewel of Africa”, a project conceived over a 33 -year period by Rameline KAMGA, is designed to eradicate poverty and illiteracy particularly in rural areas. Successful implementation will not only serve as a model for the rest of Africa, but also elsewhere in the world where the scourge of poverty and illiteracy afflict the population. Through this project, we greatly contribute to the reduction of environmental disaster risk. We also help to find effective public-private partnerships (PPP) through the RK B.O.T. PROGRAM. This program ensures the successful implementation of infrastructure projects in the environment and agriculture fields, and generates benefits for farming communities, private investors and local governments. We are capable of financing public and private sector projects 100%, without need for sovereign guarantee from African governments or for land collateral from the African private sector, through our RK B.O.T. PROGRAM strategy. 

Through our financial partners, we have valuable financial resources for the following needs:

International Trade & Development


Business Strategy

Business Planning

New Business Development



Marketing Strategy

Venture Capital

Our services are not restricted to the above list. As a representative of world-leading investment platforms, CRCI assists clients to source and market various products, such as African Art, computers and electronics, generators, cement, rice, oil, grains, sugar, textiles, and clothes.

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