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Bio Regional President Representative

Chantal Marie Laure ICKONGA
Regional President Representative, Central Africa

Mrs. Chantal ICKONGA joined CRCI as a leading Regional President. She has experience in all aspects of social development issues. She brought on board a broad range of experiences and a consistent thoughtful family, personal life, staff diversity and inclusion initiatives.
A graduate of Ticketing and Tourism. She has worked in leadership roles in airport organizational management.
A lover of arts and culture, she was one of the leading organisers of the PAN-AFRICAN MUSIC FESTIVAL held in Congo Brazzaville.
She was also part of the winning team who planned, facilitated and executed the AFRICAN FASHION FAIR yearly.
Chantal has a flexible, action oriented and practical approach to the alleviation of poverty and the growth of the African private sector. She is dedicated to the success story of the RK B.O.T PROGRAM. She is looking forward to see the youths and especially the girl child of Africa achieve excellence in ways that support integrity and visionary spirit. She is therefore not a surprising addition to the collaborative effort of the JEWEL OF AFRICA

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Paul Joli NDJEM
President Executive Business Leaders Club, Central Africa

Mr NDJEM holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from the University of Bangui. He has executive level experience in Management Accounting with various organizations. He is a finance veteran with over 20 years experience. His passion for finance drives him to be appointed the Auditor Collective of NDOM(KORAN).
He developed a strong sense of devotion for the healthcare and management of activities related to the collection and export of ornamental fish and aquatic plants. This experience gave Mr NDJEM a deep appreciation for how businesses can increase economic growth of life for our people by joining the CRCI Business Club.
Paul's unique and wide ranging skills has enabled him to successfully contribute to the growth of the CRCI business club. His rare knowledge of business relationships has earned him a recognition as a subject matter expert in business development. He truly enjoys making connections through business network.
As President of the Executive Business Club, he works collaboratively with business leaders to achieve a common goal and has a unique ability to customize his approach to different personalities.
Paul is genuinely personable, honest, tactful and motivating. A president who has what it takes to be a leader.

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