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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I sign on as a client?
    1. Research CRCI Africa, and discover an innovative investment strategy with a TEAM that is not a financial Institution.
    2. Find an innovative investment vision by RK B.O.T PROGRAM to build a better future for yourself and your family.
    3. Review our CRCI procedure materials and submit all the required documents.
  2. The paperwork required by CRCI is complicated. I'm having trouble completing it. Can you help?

    For a service fee, CRCI is available to fully assist you in properly completing the required paperwork.

  3. I want to purchase a CRCI Bond so that I can invest in the RK B.O.T. PROGRAM.  What payment methods do you accept?

    Currently, we only accept bank transfer.

  4. Is it possible to schedule a visit to the CRCI Office?

    You may schedule a visit to the CRCI office after paying a $2,000 USD consultancy fee. Questions and concerns addressed by CRCI via email are done at no charge to our clients.  

  5. Who is eligible to buy CRCI Bonds?

    Everyone is eligible.  We accept clients from any country in the world.

  6. What do you mean that there is no risk in purchasing a CRCI BOND?

    When you purchase a CRCI Bond, you are investing in the RK B.O.T. PROGRAM. This investment is 100% insured, and cannot be lost.

  7. Why should I invest with you?
    We are highly experienced and capable, through our hard work and vision, of finding solutions to build a better world by building strong teams with successful business leaders that can support RK B.O.T PROGRAM. 
  8. When do I benefit from my CRCI BOND purchase?
    Your CRCI BOND will mature in four years. After it reaches maturity, you will receive full financing (without any guarantee or deposit) for your project through the RK B.O.T. PROGRAM.
  9. Are there any vacancies on the CRCI team?

    Yes! We have the following posts vacant.

    1. Experts
    2. Consultant
    3. Freelance
    4. Brokers


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