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Private Investment Financial Services


CRCI is an international consultancy firm specializing in how to invest and do successful business in Africa while minimizing risk. CRCI houses technical experts and practitioners with extensive knowledge and experience in international trade and investment business consulting, with particular emphasis on Africa. CRCI professionals are able to navigate through the rules and regulations of African countries to uncover hidden investment opportunities. We facilitate trade and investment missions, roundtable meetings, forums, and partnership building with high level country officials to benefit the private sector.

CRCI has developed two historic and significant projects - "The Jewel of Africa" and the “RK B.O.T. PROGRAM.” These programs focus on infrastructure and agriculture-led activities to generate economic growth in Africa. “The Jewel of Africa”, a project conceived over a 32-year period by Rameline KAMGA, is designed to eradicate poverty and illiteracy particularly in rural areas. Successful implementation will not only serve as a model for the rest of Africa, but also elsewhere in the world where the scourge of poverty and illiteracy afflict the population. Through this project, we greatly contribute to the reduction of environmental disaster risk. We also help to fund effective Public-private partnerships (PPP) through the RK B.O.T. PROGRAM. This program also ensures the successful implementation of infrastructure projects in the environment and agriculture fields, and generates benefits for farming communities, private investors and local governments. We are capable of financing public and private sector projects 100%, without need for sovereign guaranty from African governments or for land collateral from the African private sector, through our RK B.O.T. PROGRAM strategy.

Through our financial partners, we have valuable financial resources for the following needs:

  • International Trade & Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • New Business Development
  • Commodity
  • Start-ups
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Venture Capital

Our services are not restricted to the above list. As a representative of world-leading investment platforms, CRCI assists clients to source and market various products, such as African Art, computers and electronics, generators, cement, rice, oil, grains, sugar, textiles, and clothes.

CRCI seeks to develop constructive dialogue on important policies and practices. We conduct objective research on key issues, and call for the adoption of best practices and policy reforms that improve economic growth and food security among the rural poor in Africa. CRCI searches for humanitarian aids to sustain economic development and infrastructure projects. We encourage joint-venture partnership with the African private sector, Governments and municipalities worldwide.

CRCI is committed to increasing the level and effectiveness of public and private investment in sustainable development in Africa. The professionals at CRCI know how to bridge cultural gaps through respect and understanding of the customs and cultures that define the people of the world. With access to and contacts in many networks, CRCI is your liaison to world industries through trade and investment missions.

CRCI is not a banking entity or broker. It is a facilitator. CRCI combines international experience and contacts with its own creativity to structure high return deals. We are a formidable force in the market, and are able to source the funds needed to realize any public or private sector project.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is simple. We have built long term relationships over more than 32 years, based on fight and sacrifice, to give another dimension to our beautiful continent Africa.

A long-standing relationship of service with our African people, built on honesty and commitment, is our real reward.

Our main focus is to build relationships, increase loyalty, and make Africa’s private sector competitive.

How may we help each other?

With vast worldwide experience and expertise in business opportunities, we are looking to collaborate with you as a potential technical, financial, or developer partner to advance the public and private sectors generally, and in particularly, to collaborate on the “The Jewel of Africa”.

We are looking for clients with a vision for small, medium and large industries that can rely on us to create the right partnership to solve their problems.

Dear Clients,


We are the Official Legal Representative of a Platform of lenders that secure loans for projects of all sizes.
Please find the requested information attached. Upon acceptance of your project, we will proceed to close the deal immediately.

  1. NCNDA
  2. Profile of CRCI
  4. Procedure to obtain Funds
  5. Application to Obtain Fund from CRCI Platform
  6. CRCI Letter of Agreement to be sign and pay
  7. CRCI Mandate
  8. Letter of Agreement to be sign and pay
  9. Promissory Note

We welcome SERIOUS CLIENTS ONLY . Please be informed that CRCI no longer provide free financial services on partnering or free consultation meetings with clients.

First transaction option is payment of $200,000.00 USD by the client that will provide Promissory Note of the amount needed for his project through their Bank.

The $200,000.00 USD payment is
to guaranty that the work of the CRCI Expert will not be stopped.
The following are required by the client in order to proceed:

  1. Feasibility Study or Business Plan.
  2. CRCI will arrange the client KYC (Compliance) and the Loan Application.
  3. Promissory Note to be provided by the client bank.

In less than 14 days from the receipt of all the documents, the client will receive fund approval. In less than 45 days the project will receive the first tranche of the Funds.
Any client pursuing this transaction option qualifies to meet with the Financial Platform Partner/Investor. The client will be fully responsible for the cost of the meeting as follows:

  • Business Class airline ticket for a minimum of three persons;
  • 5 star hotel accommodation; and
  • 4x4 vehicle to be provided for the entire visit duration.

  • Loan Amount : $5 million USD minimum (without limitation)
  • Repayment Period : 15 years to 25 years
  • Grace Period : 1 - 5 years
  • Interest rate : From 2% to 8% (can negotiate to 0 %)
    This interest rate is not fixed. The Investor Platform funding the project determines the rate.
  • Collateral : Promisory Notes

Second transaction option for Client that their bank cannot provide Promissory Note. It will be payment as follow $1 million USD payable in two convenient installments: First tranche of $400,000.00 USD payable upfront during the signing of the Mandate to cover the entire work of the Expert. The first and the second payment will be deductible at the first disbursement of the fund. Most important the first payment will be refund to the client.

a) In the case that the client already has a Business Plan, a Feasibility Study or Business does not need to be provided.
b) The client does not need to provide payment for the experts. CRCI will take care of all expert expenses and the KYC (Compliance).
  • Business Class airline ticket for a minimum of three persons;
  • 5 star hotel accommodation;
  • 4x4 vehicle to be provided for the entire visit duration; and
  • $2000 USD daily per person.

In less than 14 days from the receipt of all the documents, the client will receive fund approval. In less than 45 days the project will receive the first tranche of the Funds through the innovative financial system RK B.O.T. PROGRAM

Any client pursuing this transaction option is not qualified to request a meeting with the Financial Platform Partner/Investor.

Under the RK B.O.T. PROGRAM, the client’s project will be 100% funded and delivered by the investor, without need for the public sector client to provide a sovereign guaranty or for the private sector client to provide a bank guaranty, land collateral or financial contribution. We urge our clients to read the RK B.O.T. PROGRAM full explanation.

The advantages of RK B.O.T. PROGRAM:

  • Feasibility studies, some of which are funded by the Client and some by technical assistance programs, are usually accumulated before receiving any certain confirmation with regard to project financing. By providing an Executive Summary, which is a lesser cost than that of the feasibility study, the African governments and their states, regions or departments; private sector and civil society now have the opportunity to work with an approved partner and with investors ready for the project(s).

We wish to further state that through the Platforms we represent, we are capable of funding all public and private sector projects in Africa needing funds.

There is a 2% origination success fee for private sector projects, and a 3% origination success fee for public sector projects. This fee is capitalized on the total value arranged for the project, and is paid by the Platform providing the banking and financial services.

We trust that the foregoing meets your expectations. We look forward to hearing from you shortly to finalize negotiations and to execute the loan agreement.

The financial services offered by CRCI Africa can be changed and updated at any time, according to our financial partners.

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