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Chairman's Welcome Address

Beyond political, religious, cultural, racial, and ethnic boundaries, sustainable human development in Africa can only be done through peace, economics, stability, security and well-being. Take into account and address, as a priority, the problems of people as well as those of the environment.

The most important thing is to resolve the financial support to the private sector, without this support is to deny the economic independence of Africa, meeting the needs of people through the innovative initiative of major projects (Highway, Road, Medical, Water, Electricity, school, Social Accommodation, Mass Transportation etc.), by the realization of the great historical project " Jewel of Africa". It is a city within a city, putting priority on peripheral and rural areas. Thus, “The Jewel of Africa" ​​responds immediately to problems of people and even those of the most remote locations.

The integration of Africa into the global market is not adequate. Africa enjoys the same resources and capabilities as with other Western countries. However, Africa is not allowed the same opportunities to compete in today’s tough business climate. For every business, regardless of size, production quality, proper organization, and effective management are imperative. Of course, technological investments are essential to the development of efficient production means. Africa is not a poor parent who must work with the edge means. It must have the same top level technicians, familiar with their evolving fields of expertise within the context of globalization, as with Western countries.

Training populations is recognized as an important form of productive investment. Moreover, the classification scale of the economic performance of the industries in the world consists, largely, those percentages invested in training these groups.

The lack of creation of large industrial projects can cause serious socio-political problems in the short term. Quick fixes do not exist, but some well framed conversations can limit the negative effects of the crisis. Indeed, some officials or employees are holders of valuable knowledge and skills that, when well-directed, can provide the basis for a new start in agricultural production, or in the creation of cooperatives and industries in agriculture.

The innovative financial mechanism of RK B.O.T PROGRAM should be applied, because it responds perfectly to this type of concern.
To avoid costly waste, the selection process and methodologies behind development projects must be very rigorous. Far from organizing training and designing cooperatives, we synergize numerous elements as they should be treated in our strategy. An official, even with the best intentions, does not become a farmer by decree. A logical and progressive approach is essential.

It is essential to minimize the burden on States, considering the current economic crisis. These organizations must inevitably boost knowledge and supervise the private sector through RK B.O.T PROGRAM, actor training, and job creation for national frameworks. This is often necessary to control acquired knowledge and to ensure efficiency.

A true public-private partnership (PPP) between Finance and the State should not be difficult to implement. However, partnership between Civil Society and the Private Sector is certainly the key to the continued ability to respond to the real demands of the population.

Here again, the contribution of professionals who live the daily dynamics of this approach in Africa allow the RK B.O.T PROGRAM to propose realistic and effective innovative solutions.

Indeed, we propose effective achievements to support sustainable human development through the RK B.O.T PROGRAM.

By offering foreign partnership in the field of direct investment through the RK B.O.T PROGRAM, product acceptance in Africa will increase.  The capacity of our existing cooperatives by the creation of big realization projects, within socio- economic development, will respond to the fight against unemployment, illiteracy and poverty.

We would like everyone who will read the innovative financial mechanism to know that various national and international groups have accepted the RK B.O.T PROGRAM. We invite all nations of the world to work through this innovative financial mechanism to ensure successful financing of any project and to ensure partnership with and continuing education of the people of Africa, while facilitating a prosperous economic environment for young people. There will be symbiotic job creation in the foreign country that has accepted to invest through the RK B.O.T. PROGRAM. 

Our motto is to contribute to the efforts of Heads of States of Africa in their support to and revitalization of the private sector and to meet the needs of people in their actions by approving the project "Jewel of Africa", for the Modernization and Industrialization of our continent, to prepare an economically viable environment with trained professionals through the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP).

The innovative financial mechanism, the RK B.O.T PROGRAM, is an approach providing safe and sound solutions to address the provision of a better environment for future generations of our beautiful continent Africa.
The RK B.O.T. PROGRAM strategy has been created for foreign countries, organizations, developers, contractors and international construction companies to support the building of strong African private sectors. By doing so, the model will benefit local entrepreneurship by offering maximum opportunity to foreign exports, and by providing financial, technical and managerial know-how. Additionally, the model will aid in capacity building; job creation; the eradication of the extreme violation of poverty and corruption; and the promotion of democracy, good governance, transparency, education, gender equality, and environmental sustainability.  Overall, it will encourage economic growth and strengthen African economic relations with other countries.

Placing clients at the heart of everything we do; continuing to evolve with the changing needs of our clients.
We are working to improve client satisfaction while contributing to economic growth and social development of Africa.
At CRCI AFRICA, we have a strong belief in our African people and the passion they generate to deliver on our clients' infrastructure challenges. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us or get in touch with one of our Regional President Representative, for business opportunities or services.
Thank you for taking the time to visit CRCI AFRICA website and I wholeheartedly welcome any constructive feedback you may have.

Mrs. Rameline KAMGA
International Financial Expert
Chairman CRCI Group
In Charge of Sustainable Development
Expert in Sensitization and Training to Educate Political Leaders, Investor and Businessmen in the World on how to succeed in Prosperous Business in Africa through the best solutions of the financial and social intelligence of economic development.