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Managing Director, CRCI Dubai

As Managing Director of CRCI Dubai, she brings her wealth of experience through personal contributions to a variety of the underprivileged; Florie have over the years shown a rare and distinct level of sincere passion and responsibility towards the ‘unreached and poor’ by donating her resources (i.e. time and money) and being devoted to millions of underprivileged people throughout Cameroon. As CRCI through the Jewel of Africa focus researching the best solution to human socio-economic development, Financial support to the African Private Sector, Disaster Risk Reduction, deforestation, preparing the best environment for the youths, ameliorates life and working condition for those living in extreme violation of poverty.

An active community leader, Florie plays a guiding role for the Koissa Koissa Deido Football , as President of the Youth Organization of CAWE responsible for the organization of CAWE Youth at nationally level. CAWE a non-profit organization base in Cameroon dedicated to support the underprivileged. The CAWE agenda encompasses a wide range of programs supporting hundreds of boys and girls as they seek to improve their life through organized training, coaching, mentoring, and participating in nationally-accredited tournament activities in Cameroon. More than 100 young men and women participating in the Lightening program have received college scholarships.

Consistent with Florie’s commitment to “giving her time” to support the underprivileged as well as disadvantaged youth from Douala, throughout Cameroon is the learning platform that crowns all her efforts to see that no youth is a liability to him or herself and in extension, to the community as a whole thereby giving Africa a green light to a better future. Throughout this distinctive learning program, Florie personally conducts season activity sessions.

Florie’s mentorship and inspiring goal achievement resonates throughout the CAWE activities program, from which many “graduates” have since achieved great success in their life pursuits, including significant self-careers.

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