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Who are we?

Counseling Research Consulting and Investment (CRCI) is a group of expert strategists whose work is based on emerging social phenomena through studies and surveys. CRCI engages in constructive dialogue on important policies and practices, conducts objective research on key topics, and calls for the adoption of best practices and policy reforms to improve economic growth and food security among the poor in outlying, rural and urban areas in Africa.

CRCI is committed to increasing the level and effectiveness of public and private investment in Africa's sustainable development. We employ consultants to conduct holistic studies on development projects. Promoting regional and sub-regional economic growth occupies an important place in our agenda.

Our work provides our clients the opportunity to obtain strategic information and analysis for the successful development of their business entities or projects. Our teams of consultants also work within the African public sector, and can work with our clients to achieve Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets.

CRCI has an extensive worldwide expert network. The strength of our resources increases yearly, by organizing seminars, forums and conferences at national and international level.

Why us?

As a decisive force in North America, Europe and the Middle East, the firm has a renowned expertise built over decades of direct action in the public and private sectors.
We help our clients find effective public-private partnerships (PPP) through the RK B.O.T. PROGRAM. These partnerships have led to the successful implementation of infrastructure projects in environment beautification and agriculture. In turn, these projects generate profit for farming communities, investors and local governments.

Our Mission

Having worked with banking and financial institutions with ratings of AAA, CRCI's objective is to support these clients while encountering the challenges of Africa's economic emergence. We coordinate and execute projects on our clients' behalf, and provide a competitive advantage to our customers through strategic information and financial markets analysis.

CRCI services to prospective clients:

  1. Non-Circumvention & Non-Disclosure Working Agreement.
  2. Our Financial partners are among the Top 50 Banks in the World.
  3. Cost fees for Economy Lobby.
  4. Procedure of Funding.
  5. Application to Obtain Fund from CRCI Platform.
  6. Business Admission Template.
  7. RK B.O.T PROGRAM Private Financial Placement Opportunity.
  8. Mandate.


  1. Signed Non-Circumvention & Non-Disclosure Working Agreement.
  2. Evidence of the provision of land minimum 4000 hectare.
  3. Signed Mandate and Execution of payment.
  4. An invitation to make a presentation to the State. Participants to attend the presentation event would be the:

  5. Members of the Government, Parliament, Private Sector, NGOs, Civil Society, National and International organizations, Religious confession, etc.


  1. Executive Summary of the Jewel of Africa.
  2. RK B.O.T. PROGRAM Full Explanation.
  3. The first Protocol Agreement to be signed by the Government, and CRCI Facilitator.
  4. The Second Protocol will be signed by the Government, Fund Manager, Anchor Concession Group CRCI after national validation of the project.





Travel by the Beach
Renting a special boat

200,000 Frs. CFA Round trip
$ 400 USD


Travel by plane:
Business or 1st class
Senior Consultants


1,000,000 Frs. CFA per day
$ 2,000 USD
4x4 car available (full time)
Hotel room (suite) with Internet Service


Travel by plane:
Economy class

500,000 Frs. CFA per day
$ 1,000 USD
Hotel (single room) with Internet Service


Travel by plane:
Economy class

200,000 Frs. CFA per day
$ 400.00 USD
Hotel (single room) with Internet Service

Who are our clients?

Governments, private companies and corporations, equipment manufacturers, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, law firms, auditors, and individuals.

Fees payable to CRCI


Costs of Lobby - Official working visit (4 days) in the United States of America or other countries

750 Million Frs. CFA
$ 1.5 Million USD


Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment
Introduction of the Jewel of Africa 1. The Client will provide $1 million USD (One Million Dollar) to ensure that the project will not be cancelled or stop when the Experts has commenced the work. 2. The $ 1 million will be return to the client after one year and one month

750 Million Frs. CFA
$ 1.5 Million USD - $400,000 USD


Application to obtain Fund from the CRCI Platform

15 Million Frs. CFA
Around $30,000 USD



Consultant fees per day
For introduction and organizing meeting for business opportunities or others

5 Million Frs. CFA
Around $10,000 USD


Any of the CRCI request paper work by the client will be provide in due course of

$5,000 USD

Daily meeting with CRCI

$2,000 USD


Commission paid to the result (public sector)

3% of funding received



Commission paid to the result (private sector)


2% of funding received



First transaction option is payment of $200,000.00 USD by the client that will provide Promissory Note of the amount needed for his project through their Bank.

The $200,000.00 USD payment is
to guaranty that the work of the CRCI Expert will not be stopped
The following are required by CRCI in order to proceed:

A) Feasibility Study or Business Plan.

B) CRCI will arrange the client KYC (Compliance) and the Loan Application.

C) Promissory Note to be provided by the client bank.

In less than 14 days from the receipt of all the documents, the client will receive fund approval. In less than 45 days the project will receive the first tranche of the Funds.

Second transaction option for Client that their bank cannot provide Promissory Note. It will be payment as follow $1 million USD payable in two convenient installments: First tranche of $400,000.00 USD payable upfront during the signing of the Mandate to cover the entire work of the Expert. The first and the second payment will be deductible at the first disbursement of the fund. Most important the first payment will be refund to the client.

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