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Vice Chairman

"CRCI WANTS TO BE A COMPANY THAT IS ALWAYS GETTING BETTER. A company that understands where it fits in the world markets and in society, and appreciates its responsibility to both."

Chief Tom is a highly skilled professional versed in Project Planning and Resources  Management. He has more than 35 years of experience in the building industry as Head Manager for Industrial Development with BAECO LTD (1977 - 1980). He also worked with various consultants involved in turn-key projects across Nigeria from 1980 to 1989.

Over the course of his career, Chief Tom has led each of the companies he has worked with to success. Outside of these positions, he has also set up his own companies in 1990.
He started his own new age local content company in the Oil and Gas sector. He has also managed social housing developments and private building projects for clients.

Chief Tom helped to pioneer sub-surface development of the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector.  As a project manager, he contributed to the pipelines projects from the southern part of Nigeria to Maiduguri Borno States.

A strong advocate of shared learning, transparent communication and well explained and executed business plans; Chief Tom brings visionary leadership and a respected attention to detail to CRCI.

As Vice Chairman, Chief Tom is responsible for socio-economic development, and manages CRCI's research network the environmental experts, contractors and international construction companies. He will be directly in charge of the technical experts over fossil and renewable energy, energy efficiency, fuel cycle and waste management, strategic petroleum reserves, power transmission and climate change.

In addition to serving as Vice Chairman, Chief Tom is also a sitting member of CRCI Nigeria's Board of Directors. In these functions, he will speak publicly on energy, water, environment and technology topics. He will also introduce, advocate and manage the Jewel of Africa, a sustainable socio-economic development project with the capability to build the Renaissance of Africa through investment lines of credit without any limitation. The Jewel of Africa will assure housing at three levels with provisions for electricity, water, hospital and medical care, school and university (Technopolis), public transportation, agriculture, maintenance and industrial facilities, etc.

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