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World-Africa Economic Growth

"I believe in the potential of my African people.
I have a vision of a time when Africa will gain economic independence.
I see a time when there will be a middle class of prosperous African people in business.
I am devoted and determined to make Africa a continent of which every citizen would be proud.
I will continue to work hard every day to make this vision come true."

Promoting socio-economic development is doing business with a human face

Time: "It's not the time of Realization that matters, but the Realization not Achieved"


This document describes how the Executive Board of Counseling Research Consulting & Investment (CRCI) plans to finance, the aims and principles outlined herein. The key purpose of the financial strategy is to assure future partners and/or investors that our core work is maintained and sustained, and that we make effective use of all financial support received.

CRCI is a consulting and lobby firm with an objective to identify, develop, and promote business opportunities for companies in and outside the African continent. Operating in Nigeria as Counseling Research Consulting & Investment Nigeria Limited (CRCI NIG LTD), CRCI is dedicated to providing the advice and strategies that will enable foreign companies and investors to undertake successful business ventures in African countries. CRCI projects are packaged as high priority, and posses a high rate of return on investment.

CRCI is extremely committed to Africa’s Renaissance, and supports the socio-economic enhancement of its citizens by the African private sector. We are at the disposal of African Governments to assist in the development of their countries.


The RK B.O.T. PROGRAM is a concept created and developed by Mrs. Rameline KAMGA. By design, the model coordinates the lucrative partnership among African and international contractors and investors, African Governments and the African private sector for the execution of high priority infrastructure development projects across the African continent. These projects, which include the Jewel of Africa, cover infrastructure areas like Surface, Air, and Marine Transportation; Information Technology, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Conservation and Food Processing, Agro Allied Industries, Tourism, Housing, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Energy, and Education, etc.

The RK B.O.T. PROGRAM strategy will allow foreign developers and International construction Companies to support the building of strong African private sectors. By doing so, the model will benefit local entrepreneurship by offering maximum opportunity to exports, and by providing financial, technical and managerial know-how. Additionally, the model will aid in capacity building; job creation; the eradication of the extreme violation of poverty and corruption; and the promotion of democracy and transparency, education, gender equality, and environmental sustainability. Overall, it will encourage economic growth and strengthen African economic relations with other countries.

The RK B.O.T. PROGRAM operates with very little risk to Government and investor/contractor partners. It is therefore important that the program enjoy the full support of African Government and private sector actors.

International investors have agreed to fund any infrastructure development project, without restriction, under RK B.O.T. PROGRAM. The investment will be protected by guarantees from insurance service companies which are also partners. Moreover, there is no deposit or sovereign Guaranty required on behalf of Partner Governments - the strategy provides for 100% of the project financing.

We urge Government to adopt the RK B.O.T. PROGRAM strategy as a viable tool towards the development of Africa’s infrastructure through the private sector to generate millions of job opportunity to the youth.’s

According to the feasibility studies on the return of investment of the project as agreed by Parties, RK B.O.T. PROGRAM Procedure, the Foreign Investor(s) owns the Project:

A. For Public Projects

  1. The foreign investor will hold 75% interest in each project until its initial investment is recovered.
  2. The Government actor will hold 15% interest in the project and its distributable profits. On the government actor 15%:
    • The Ministry of Finance will receive 10% or a similar Department so that the Government Actor may utilize its profits for projects providing for the Socio-Economic needs of its Citizens.
    • The Ministry of Social Affairs will receive 3%.
    • The Community will receive 2%.
  3. The Anchor Concession Group will hold 9% interest
  4. Partner to hold 1% for Ten (10) years (CRCI is offering a unique Opportunity to a prospective partner who will invest $ 500,000 USD in any Project).

After the Investor has recouped his investment, the project will be transferred to the Anchor Concession Company through the Government. The Anchor Concession Company will manage the project.

The management scheme would require the anchor concession company to operate as two units: the Financial Management Unit and the Technical Management Unit.

  1. 67% will be held by the Anchor Concession Group
  2. 25% will be held by the Maintenance Group
  3. 3% will be held by the Rameline KAMGA Foundation
  4. 3% will be retained by the Ministry of Social Welfare.
  5. 2% will be retained by the Host Community.

Before the transfer of the investor's interest can be successfully effectuated, a significant reassignment of resources and knowledge to the anchor concession company will have to occur. This is to ensure that the units will be in the best position to operate, maintain and staff the project - with minimal support from the foreign partner.

B. For Private Sector

  1. The foreign investor will hold 75% interest in each project until its initial investment is recovered.
  2. The private sector actor (promoter) will hold 22% interest in the project and its distributable profits.
  3. Three percent (3%) will be allocated to the Rameline KAMGA Foundation, so that the Foundation will utilize the profits for projects providing for the socio-economic needs according to the environmental needs of the community.

After the Investor has recouped his investment, it will transfer the project to the Private Sector.

The private sector will own 97% and the Rameline KAMGA Foundation will own 3%.

During the project period, the developers and/or contractor will be obligated to provide continuous and comprehensive training in financial management to the private sector actors involved. Specifically, the training will be carried out through the Rameline KAMGA Foundation, and will enable local personnel to maintain and administer the project, and the resulting business.

A Fund Manager will be assigned to each project by the RK B.O.T PROGRAM, facilitated by CRCI. S/He will be responsible for arranging the project operation, and will administer the fund's assets. The role of the Fund Manager is to ultimately ensure the proper management and the success of the projects. As an additional measure, CRCI aims to protect the whole operation by providing comprehensive risk coverage through insurance. Without it, the launch of this vital CRCI-driven investment operation benefitting African infrastructure development could be in jeopardy.

To this end CRCI will:

  1. Assist in the pre-qualification of developers, contractors, international construction companies and suppliers; mobilize funding for technical assistance; advise on project and feasibility studies; and provide support for agreed investment proposals;
  2. Participate in the review process of the feasibility studies to ensure that they meet the requirements of the financier/foreign investor, developers, international construction companies and/or contractors with regard to scope, technical and financial information, operational and administrative arrangements;
  3. Promote investment opportunities among solid and well established groups of foreign financiers, developers, international construction companies and/or contractors;
  4. Assist African Governments, private sector, the foreign financier (investor), developers, international construction companies and contractors in all aspects of their business and technical assistance activities with the anchor concession company, Government, and, if necessary, with international agencies;
  5. Assist in organizing and soliciting Foreign Private Sector participation through RK B.O.T. PROGRAM-led conferences and workshop in African States through trade missions; and
  6. Serve as a liaison between international agencies, the foreign private investment, government and the anchor concession company.

RK B.O.T. PROGRAM Commitment:

  • The African State & private sector has to accept the foreign developers, international construction companies and/or contractors as technical partners.
  • The RK B.O.T. PROGRAM requires that the client provide an Executive Summary and/or Feasibility Study, through which CRCI can assure that the negotiation provision of the feasibility study by the foreign investor will go into effect immediately after the first disbursement of the funds.
  • Financial Management:
    The Fund Manager will have full time residence in the Host State. S/He will be fully responsible for the successful return on investment of the project. If any failure to reimburse investment funds exists, the involved Government or Private Sector are not, and will not be, held responsible.
  • Technical Assistance:
    A technical expert must be provided, every six months, to the anchor concession group or to the Private Sector project staff by CRCI/foreign investors. This is to ensure that the local technicians are fully capable of operating and maintaining machinery and equipment.

    It is the project operator/contractor's obligation to make certain that all infrastructure, machinery and equipment are in workable condition, especially at the point of the operational and technical transfer to the anchor concession group partner or to the Private Sector project owner.
  • Capacity Building
    Every six months, the Fund Manager and foreign engineer(s) will provide training on effective project management to management and staff. A review and evaluation of the project status will also occur at these intervals.


    1. A foreign company that is willing to invest or to explore the African market.

    2. A company facing financial difficulties and that is willing to sell. These companies must have valuable assets.

    3. Any entity looking to build a partnership with African Government or private sector actors.


    CRCI is strongly committed to support and fully finance any project with a big value of job creation, without restriction, through our national and international funding partners, upon receipt of the required documents provided below.


    To be eligible to work with CRCI, and to build a partnership with African Government and/or private sector, the foreign company or potential financial partner must submit the following documents to CRCI:

    1. A letter of expression of interest (LEI) to invest or to build a partnership.
    2. A description of the company's product(s) and/or service(s).
    3. A summary description of the ten largest international projects undertaken by the company over the last fifteen years in chronological order. This summary should include purpose; unique problems encountered and how they were resolved; final projects costs (rounded); project implementation and completion dates; and the title, addresses, telephones, faxes, emails and website of key contacts.
    4. Operations and Maintenance (O & M) are the concessions of particular interest, and include many of the obligations described above.
    5. Company profile and annual reports for the past three financial years.
    6. Audited financial statements for the past three financial years.
    7. Know Your Customer (KYC) and Bank references.
    8. A letter of commitment to provide Proof of Funds of 20% Bank Guaranty (BG) cash in obtaining funding for the feasibility study and for infrastructure development, landscape, agriculture, livestock, agro-allied industries, etc.
    9. A letter confirming willingness to be a part of the developer, contractor, international construction company or supplier pool, and confirming the ability to provide 20% BG cash face value of the project amount as equity position for the project realization.

    After successful assessment of the requested documentation, CRCI will act as a gateway stop center to organize appointments with national and international funding partners and business leaders. CRCI will ensure all administrative steps are properly taken and followed up. Services are continuous until completion of the project.

    The advantages of RK B.O.T. PROGRAM:

    • Feasibility studies, some of which are funded by technical assistance programs, are usually accumulated before receiving any certain confirmation with regard to project financing. By providing an Executive Summary and/or Feasibility Study, the former of which is a lesser cost than that of the latter, the African governments and their states, regions or departments; private sector and civil society now have the opportunity to work with an approved partner and with investors ready for the project(s).
    • The RK B.O.T. PROGRAM is funded 100% by the investor. The funding shall be provided without bank guaranty, collaterals, or financial contribution from the Government or private sector. However, we have an option to access funds that requires Bank Guaranty cash.
    • Social projects are funded through the support of the private sector investor and in collaboration with the Government.
    • The value of the RK B.O.T. PROGRAM approach to its investors is that it enforces good governance, transparency and anti-corruption practices, namely:
      • the project funds are not managed by either the Government or private sector;

      • the investor directly invests in the project, and not through an intermediary;

      • the financial gains are distributed in advance by the project partners, thereby creating a fair system; and

      • the project is perpetuated through ongoing training, maintenance, financial monitoring and transfer of appropriate technologies.

    In view of the foregoing, and beyond the financing of projects, the RK B.O.T. PROGRAM provides appropriate solutions to the economic recovery of Africa. It helps to fund all projects without the client having to provide financial support, bank guaranty or collaterals. In financial management, there is a stake in project capital risk to repay the funds invested.

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