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We Welcome You To Join The Executive Business Leaders Club of CRCI

Executive Business Leaders Club is an unprecedented business resource, allowing access to local leadership in key business disciplines. Members are business professionals and entrepreneurs who are considered experts in their field and are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and resources in an effort to foster business growth in Africa.

Executive Business Leaders Club creates and identifies opportunities for businesses within the broader business community and globally. The Executive Business Leaders Club provides an ongoing range of Roundtable Meeting, forums, events and introductions that result in increased business opportunities and sales growth for attendees. Unlike a simple lead and referral group, Executive Business Leaders Club creates unique opportunities to connect others with the right people to move their business forward.

Executive Business Leaders Club is for the African and non-African to join their effort to make the African Private Sector strong and vibrant to improve their economic growth. Member’s qualification is being a leader with great vision to build the Renaissance of Africa. Each member contributes their wealth of knowledge about their industry, its trends, business ideas and useful tips to help fellow members and other businesses.


Executive Business Leaders Club is committed to fostering business growth in the entire continent of Africa and Africans in Diaspora by sharing business information and opportunities with the business community through the Jewel of Africa.


Executive Business Leaders Club will be recognized and respected as African and Friends of Africa leading group that will systematically increase the numbers of small business owners to medium and to large entrepreneurs, that will become known as high achieving experts in their field, who share knowledge and resources in an effort to build valuable business relationships and strong ties to their community starting from the rural areas.


Mandatory registration to join Executive Business Leaders Club.

This form may be completed and adapted to your needs.


  1. Particular care Should Be paid to personal information Submitted. (Including email, website and telephone)
  2. Registration is free till December 2015.
  3. As from January 1, 2016, Registration fee is $500 [Youth] and $2000 [Businessmen].

Full Name
Referrer's Name
Date of Birth [YYYY/MM/DD]
  1. Recognizes and have been informed that the club membership comes with CRCI Club Card
  2. Recognizes that club membership implies acceptance of the rules of the club
  3. Provide a Certified medical certificate (not older than one year)
  4. Certify and have read the information sheet regarding insurance coverage offered
Do you authorize CRCI Club to use for the success story, your image for non-commercial purposes on any type of media (posters, internet, and etc. site)?

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